I have an 18 year old…WTF?!

On Sunday, my one and only kiddo turned 18. It doesn’t even sound right coming out of my own mouth. I don’t know how this happened. Obviously, 18 years in time have passed somehow before my very own eyes, its just hard to wrap your head around. I have told many people before that nothing makes you realize just how fast time goes than by having a child. While I, at times, still feel like an 18 year old myself (maybe more in maturity than in body haha) but it’s hard to acknowledge that we ourselves have grown older when so many things about our very being, remain the same as they were 18 years ago…or at least so we perceive.

Anyways, enough getting too deep and emo. Here are some photos from the party. We had a great day with family and gorged ourselves on Qdoba catering and Costco chocolate cake. It was a good day. Here’s to getting older but feeling younger!