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Seattle Mist 2019 Roster

In just 15 days the LFL or Legends Football League will begin it’s 10th season. The 2x Legends Cup Champion Seattle Mist will travel to their long-time rivals and 3x Legends Cup Champions Los Angeles Temptation in what is always a duel to the end. Both Seattle and LA are two of the four original teams still remaining in the LFL and will be recognized for their 10 year Anniversary at select games this season (Seattle’s being their first home game, May 11th, don’t miss it!).

Seattle returns under the tutelage of Hall of Fame and many-times-over Coach of the Year Chris Michaelson; after a season spent consulting for the Nashville Knights, an expansion team coached by former Mist player, Danika Brace. After a season away from head coaching his own team, Michaelson announced his return to the Mist after the sudden but not totally unexpected departure of rookie head coach Eric Bellamy. Also returning to the Mist Coaching staff is Coach David Price, Defensive Coordinator; and myself after accepting the role of Wide Receiver and Defensive Backs Coach.

With the return of Coach Michaelson comes the return of many former Mist players who also aided in getting the Nashville franchise off the ground for the 2018 season. With several of those players being local to Washington state and surrounding areas already, it was imminent that they would ultimately return to Seattle as they proved successful in aiding Nashville in a promising first season, going undefeated in the regular season and ultimately losing to Chicago in playoffs. Returning to the Mist are QB KK Matheny, RBs Stevi Schnoor and Dominique Maloy and WR/S Jade Randle, formerly of the Dallas Desire. The newest face of the Mist but not new around the league, Allie Alberts, WR/S, All Fantasy and 4x Champion Chicago Bliss player. With the departure of all of the Chicago Bliss coaching staff and several key players, Allie was still looking to play for a very skilled team with a very knowledgeable Coach, hence her arrival in Seattle. Key returning players from the 2018 Mist squad include first time All Fantasy nominee WR/CB Kiara Williams, RB/CB Kristine Cortez, first time All Fantasy TE/DE Savannah Wood, WR/CB Ashley Baker (injured/ACL), All Fantasy C/DE Katie Whelan, All Fantasy DE Kera Bryant, TE/DE Stacey Jackman, TE/DE Denise Simens and WR/CB Ja’Melia Adams. Also returning to the Michaelson regime, DE Shea Norton, after taking a season off.

The Mist need to make a statement in this first game as it sets the tone for the rest of the season. We cannot afford any first game mistakes against a talented and experienced LA, especially with the return of QB Ashley Salerno and rumor has it a couple other “surprise” roster additions. If we play like I know this team is capable of playing, we will be unstoppable on offense and teams will have a VERY difficult time trying to do anything against us. We will be the only thing that holds us back this season.

My score prediction: Seattle 42, LA 6