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How did you get your start in sports?

I was active from a very young age thanks to my parents. They started me in roller skating and gymnastics from the ages of 3 and 6 respectively. I believe this is where my competitive nature was brought out and I was hooked from then on. I moved on from roller skating and gymnastics after we moved to Ferndale and I got involved in team sports like volleyball and basketball and also ran track from 6th grade through high school. I continued volleyball and basketball into community college and then things quieted down when I found out I was expecting a baby boy! Since sports and fitness were such a huge part of my life, it seemed only natural to go after my BS in Exercise and Sports Science at WWU which lead me to becoming a Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Once life settled down and my son started school and what seemed like an eternity away from sports and competition; in 2008 I discovered Figure competitions thanks to a co-worker. Over the course of the 6 years I competed at 9 different NPC Figure competitions. I found them to be a fun personal challenge, more so with the diet but I learned a lot in the process and know that I can always go back to them when I get the itch! Figure competitions kept me working towards something until I found my next challenge which was more my style; football. Thanks to another co-worker; I was introduced to the LFL, then the Lingerie Football League and since 2013 has become known as the Legends Football League. I played Wide Receiver and Free Safety for the Seattle Mist for 8 years and since retiring after our 2017 Championship season I have now transitioned into being an assistant coach for the team.


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