Lingerie What???

In the fall of 2009 I had seen on Facebook that a co-worker of mine and fellow female athlete was involved with something called “Lingerie Football”. I emailed her to inquire about it; knowing she was a legit athlete since I had played pick-up basketball and beach volleyball with her and knew she was a former National Champion at Javelin from Purdue, legit right? The lingerie part is what confused me so I had to find out. She messaged me back and said that it was real tackle football and that the team had suffered some injuries and they could always use more bodies and that I’d be perfect for it! I was excited but super nervous about it! I had never played football before but was intrigued enough to go check it out. I attended my first practice and was both humbled and hooked instantly. These may have been beautiful women at first glance but they were no joke on the field. Of course I wasn’t going to let some other girls show me up so I went hard, as hard as I ever had. Keep in mind I was just coming off a figure competition about 6 months earlier which means weight REBOUND. I wasn’t nearly as in shape as I had been that spring but regardless, I gave my all and was smashing these girls in conditioning. Now I just had to learn the game.

LFL Season 8, 2017 Seattle Mist Tryouts (Dec 2016)

The athlete was back. 

After a decade away from competitive team sports, this is exactly what I was missing in my life. From 21 to 29 years old I was busy graduating from college, moving away from home, raising my son, starting my career and figuring out who I was. I had dabbled in a handful of Figure competitions but found it very isolated and depressing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely all about the journey and you learn a lot about yourself in the process of training and dieting for a competition like this but it wasn’t the type of competition I was used to, something was still missing. The following spring and summer after my first couple competitions I participated in two different tryouts for the Seattle Mist and was ultimately extended a contract to play football for the 2010 season. My family and friends were just as confused and intrigued as I was when I first heard of the Lingerie Football League. Of course they all came out to support and were absolutely floored by the competition.

Eight years later here’s the summary of what the athlete in me had left:

· Team Captain, Seattle Mist, 2010-2017
· Unanimously voted Team Leadership Award by teammates, 2011-2015
· 4x Legends Football League All Star Wide Receiver and Free Safety, 2010-2012, 2014
· Nominated for LFL Hall of Fame, Class of 2015
· LFL US Champion, 2015, 2017
· Nominated Defensive Player of the Year and Commissioner’s Award, 2014
· Named to Top 5 All Time Wide Receivers, 2013
· Team Captain, BC Angels, 2012
· Commissioner’s Award, 2012; one player in the league receives this prestigious        award based on both on and off the field success and leadership
· First player named an All Star on both offense and defense, 2011
· Nominated MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, LFL Canada, 2012
· LFL Canada Champion, 2012
· 2x Pacific Cup Champion, 2012, 2013 Exhibition games
· Nominated Most Improved Player, 2011


LFL 2012 Awards Ceremony, Las Vegas. Mortaza Award Winner 2012.

Just a few highlights.

After winning our second Championship on September 3, 2017, I retired from football.

I walked away a Champion and am forever grateful for the opportunities that the Legends Football League has afforded me as well as the many amazing experiences and lifelong friendships that have been built along the way.

The lessons I have learned about myself along this journey are invaluable and I intend to use the platform that was created through this process to give back to the community however I can. I love the game of football but more importantly I love helping and inspiring people, it’s my passion. Here are some of the charities and events I’ve been able to be a part of and will continue to every year if possible.

Assistant Coach, Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs, Conditioning Specialist, Redmond Jr. Mustangs Football, 7th and 8th Grade boys, 2013-2015

Coach, Wide Receivers, Seattle Seahawks Cassius Marsh’s Youth Football Camp, 2017-2018

Coach, Wide Receiver station, Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin’s Family Football  Combine, 2017

Coach, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson’s Passing Academy, 2017

Coach, Seattle Seahawks Earl Thomas’ Youth Football Camp, 2017

Founder and Head Coach, Gridiron Dreams All Girl Football Camp, 2014

Coach, Seattle Seahawks Jermaine Kearse and Derrick Coleman’s Youth Football Camp for military families, 2014

Player, Seattle Seahawks Malcolm Smith’s Celebrity Softball Game, Team Captain, 2014

Player, B&K Inaugural Celebrity Basketball Game for Children’s Hospital, 2015

Player, Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman’s Celebrity Softball Game, 2013

Volunteer, Special Olympics Washington, Track & Field Regional and State Meets, Official timer, staging and awards presenter, 2012-present

Participant, Chelsey Rae Ebert Celebrity Golf Tournament; 2011-2014

What’s next??

In late December I had heard rumors that our former Head Coach, Chris Michaelson, would be returning to coaching the Seattle Mist after “retiring” from coaching to spend a season consulting for a new expansion team in the league. I immediately inquired to him about the rumor to which he chuckled and then denied. A few weeks later I received a text from my former Coach asking if I would assist him in coaching the Seattle Mist that upcoming season. I laughed to myself before replying as I knew he was totally playing me when I had previously asked him about the rumors. I know him well enough to know he was just waiting for the right time to tell me and ask me. After consulting with my family about this opportunity, I agreed to assist in coaching for the 2019 and 10 year LFL and Seattle Mist Anniversary season. I couldn’t be more flattered and honored to be asked by our Hall of Fame, multi-year Coach of the Year to assist him. So far it’s been a great experience, both fun and at times challenging. I look forward to what this season has to bring, we have assembled an amazing roster of veteran athletes and everyone is hungry and determined to win another Legends Cup for Seattle. I look forward to the lessons and growth that coaching will no doubt bestow upon me as I know there were plenty over the years as a player.