About Me

Welcome to the Pursuit of Hoppiness! My name is Jessica Hopkins aka Hoppy and I’m a full time Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at a large health club east of Seattle. I’m married to my best friend Heath and we have one son named Brayden who is almost 18! In my free time I’m a retired LFL athlete turned assistant coach, a lover of traveling and exploring, sports, fashion/shopping, home décor, movies or a good series, cheeseburgers and beer, volunteering in my community and loving on my fur babies (cats) Luna, Eris, Luke and Leia.

Where are you from?

I was born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds, just north of Seattle; until I was 8. My Dad’s job transferred him and we moved to Ferndale, Washington in the summer of 1988. I lived in Ferndale until I graduated Western Washington University in 2003 and then moved to Redmond, Washington where I lived for 15 years before recently moving a bit north to Everett in 2018.

Why did you start a blog?

I have had friends, clients and family telling me to start a blog for quite some time and I was interested and agreed it was a great idea but I didn’t know where to start. I knew that being a young Mom, working a full time job and having played football for 9 years and now transitioning into coaching was probably not a story many people hear; so here I am!

Favorite places you’ve traveled to?

So many! Australia has to be #1 though! I got to travel there in 2012 with the LFL as part of and All Star tour, we played in Sydney and Brisbane! We also visited a Koala Sanctuary and I got to hold one and feed kangaroos! I also loved Alaska when I took my son to visit my brother and his family last summer. It’s beautiful there! Charleston, South Carolina has to be one of my favorites, loved the character and southern charm of every home and building. I’m looking forward to adding some European countries to my list in the next couple of years!

Favorite places to shop?

Nordstrom Rack, Sole Society, Socialite, Red Dress Boutique, Pink Lily Boutique and I’ve actually found a lot of cute stuff on Amazon!